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3.5" Precision Woodworking Square

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  • Our Precision Woodworking Square is: 
    • Made in the USA!
    • Perfect 3.5" x 3.75" size for your pocket or apron
    • 1/16" Scribe Holes in 1/16" increments up to 3"
    • Large enough to cross mark standard 2 x 4 lumber
    • Common Angles Laser Etched on Square
    • Accuracy: Our squares are perpendicular to less than 0.001" across the length of the square. 

This isn't just a simple woodworking square.  This is a tool to help you layout your next woodworking project with precision and accuracy. The anodized aluminum 3.5-inch square features 1/16” increments laser etched up to 3” and can scribe with a mechanical pencil in the smaller holes every 1/16”.  The accuracy of our square is perpendicular to less than 0.001" across the length of the square. 

Commonly used angles are laser etched along the hypotenuse of the triangle. The base of the square is 1/4” thick and can be used to set bit and blade heights as well as check the squareness of your table saw or router. The 3.5" square is large enough to mark all the way across standard 2x4 lumber.

For best results scribing, we recommend using the GraphGear Pentel series of mechanical pencils because they have a 4mm (.157") long tip that supports the lead well inside the 1/16" diameter scribe holes.  Models P205 (0.5mm lead) P207 (0.7mm lead) or P209 (0.9mm lead) are recommended.

Faith Valley Precision 3.5" Woodworking Square is proudly made in the USA.  These squares are precisely machined and inspected in Chicago, IL.

10% of the profits from Faith Valley Tools are donated to missions. Click the About tab to find out who we are currently supporting. Your purchase makes a difference in God’s kingdom! Thank you!

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