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(1) Massca® M2 PRO Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig System

Crafted for the stability and versatility of joinery needs

Our new M2 model is here and we've added a special touch to it. The Massca PRO  Pocket Hole Jig System uses a well-balanced aluminum frame to ensure a reliable woodworking support base on job sites or in workshopsOur M2 PRO makes it easier than ever to work with longer pieces of lumber and repeat measurements. Each model comes with two lockable steel stabilizing bars and support stop blocks that adjust laterally to the exact length of your desired measurement to now provide more stability and versatility to your pocket-hole cuts.

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Body – The Massca Pro Aluminum Pocket Hole Jig System M2  features a well-balanced full-body aluminum frame & hardened steel drill guides to provide a reliable woodworking support base in the workshop or the worksite. Our metal build ensures a tough and heavy-duty pocket hole jig that's meant to last a lifetime and also, feels sleek to the touch.
  • Stabilizing Bars & Stop Blocks - Our newest Pro model now includes stabilizing bars and blocks for easier work with long boards and quick exact cuts. Get the support you need when working with longer pieces of lumber and the ease when working with precise measurements.
  • Dust Spout Connector & T-Track Slot – Easily capture loose debris, particles, and sawdust while creating your pocket holes with our dust port system to reduce allergens in the air for dust-free drilling. Our PRO Pocket Hole Jig System also features a T-track slot.
  • Adjustable Depth Setting – Each pocket hole jig features an easy drill depth knob to quickly adjust to the thickness of the wood avoiding damage, splinters, or splits.
  • Advanced Hole Precision – Create perfect pocket holes, repair wood joints, and accurately pre-drill pilot holes at the right angle before connecting wood boards with the Massca M2 Pro Pocket Hole Jig.
  • Extra Carpentry Accessories– We’ve added a hex key, stop collar, set of screws, and drill bit to help set the right depth and easily get started working with wood.


(1) M2 Pocket Hole Jig System

(1) Hex shank quick release stepped drill bit 3/8 (9.5 mm) Diameter HSS

(1) Depth collar for stepped drill

(1) Square drive screwdriver bit:  No 2 x 6"  (150 mm)

(2) Stabilizing bars

(2) Support blocks 

(50) Self-tapping square head screws in different sizes

(4) Bench fixing screws

(1) Hex key for the stop collar

(1) Hex key for using a portable base

(1) Portable base adapter plate

(1) Drill depth turret stop

(1) Dust spout

(1) Manual

(1) Massca® Pocket-Hole Screw Kit 500 Units

When you’re a woodworker the right screws can make all the difference, especially when you want to carefully “hide” them within the wood while maintaining a strong, stable structure. Massca Pocket Hole Screws with self-tapping tips make it easier to complete your DIY projects with a clean, professional appearance that looks great without sacrificing stability. Our zinc-plated screws are also rust and weather resistant, which means they can support indoor projects for long-lasting, reliable use that won’t let you down.

  • Fine & Coarse Thread Pocket Hole Screws – Complete with 500 individual pocket jig screws in different styles these self-tapping screws can help you complete your woodworking jobs while maintaining a cleaner finish by hiding the screws more effectively.
  • Strong, Zinc-Plated Screws – Our self tapping pocket screws feature fully zinc-plated heads to offer better rust and corrosion resistance which means you use them confidently in both indoor and outdoor wood projects. Intended for interior use.
  • Supports Versatile Woodworking Jobs – This self-tapping pocket hole screw kit can be used with a wide range of different DIY wood construction projects including desks, tables, drawers, storage boxes, and other rugged designs.
  • Varying Screw Lengths – We want to make it easier and faster to complete the job from start to finish so we included multiple lengths in every pocket hold screw assortment pack. Perfect for small, medium, and large DIY jobs.
  • Heavy-Duty Storage Box – Every 500-piece pocket-hole screws set comes in a quality and durable storage box with wide-grip handle which makes it easier to carry around on use on indoor projects while staying organized.
  • Fine thread screws:
    •  100 units of  1” 
  • Coarse-thread:
    • 125 units  1”,
    • 100 units 1-1/4",
    • 100 units 1-1/2”,
    • 75 units 2-1/2”
  • (1) Massca® Drill Bit 3/8 and Depth Stop Collar

    This kit includes a Massca 3/8 drill bit, depth stop collar, and hex key.

    Utilize this drill bit to create proper pocket holes with any Massca Pocket-Hole Jig. Included stop collar and hex key will help you achieve accurate pocket hole depth with ease. This Massca Pocket Hole Drill Bit is designed for use with timber from ½"- 1½" in thickness (13mm- 38mm). Compatible with all Massca Pocket-Hole Jigs.

    This drill bit can also serve as a replacement for the Massca M1 and M2 Aluminum Pocket-Hole Jig Systems and the Massca Twin and Single Pocket-Hole Jigs.

  • (1) Massca® 12" Quick Gear Clamp

  • The Massca Quick Gear Clamp is made of alloy steel and a carbon steel bar with a clamping power of up to 660lbs of pressure. Made almost entirely of heavy-duty metal, it's unlike any other gear clamp on the market. Whether you are on the job, in the workshop, or right at home, the Massca Quick Gear Clamp will be the extra hand you need to get the job done quickly and easily. Crafted with quality in mind. It's built to last a lifetime and offer the secure hold you've been searching for.

    • A quick-release button that instantly releases
    • Clamping power up to 660LBS/300KGS
    • Aluminum alloy steel
    • Soft removable TPR pads
    • Clamping capacity: 12” (300mm)
    • Throat depth: 3.15 ”(80mm)

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