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Faith Valley Tools Wood Revitalizing Kit

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Introducing the Faith Valley Tools Cutting Board Revitalizing Kit with Outlaw's Board Butter - the ultimate solution for keeping your wood cutting boards and utensils in top condition. This is the same great kit brought to you by Matt Outlaw from 731 Woodworks. Our 100% food contact safe product is formulated and produced in Arkansas, using only the highest quality ingredients: 100% food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

These kits are great as an add on when you sell or gift your cutting boards to ensure your customers can care for their boards after the sale! We also have 6 and 12 packs of the 2 oz board butters available if you don’t need the applicator pad kit.

Our board butter is designed to retain the natural beauty and hydration of wood, protecting it from drying out and cracking. It's perfect for use on all types of wood, including bamboo, hardwood, and wood composite. And, with no odor or taste, you can be sure that your food will be as pure as it was before it hit the cutting board.

In each kit, you'll receive a custom WANTED box, 4 oz of Outlaw’s Board Butter, applicator sponge, and application instructions.

  • I recommend you re-apply board butter every 2-3 washings of your board. Never place your cutting board in the dishwasher.

    Directions for use: To apply board butter, simply spread a small amount on a dry cloth and buff into the wood until the entire surface is covered. Use a clean cloth to buff off the excess to a satin sheen.

Beeswax color can vary from light amber to darker yellow shades, and even bright yellow. These variations are influenced by the extent of filtering the wax has undergone and, equally importantly, the types of flowers the bees have been foraging on.

10% of the profits from Faith Valley Tools are donated to missions. Click the About tab to find out who we are currently supporting. Your purchase makes a difference in God’s kingdom! Thank you!

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